I have fortunately had the opportunity to help many students realise their potential. Here is some of the feedback I have received over the years.

“Matthew has been an absolute breath of fresh air for my daughter. She has had many ‘eureka’ moments where Matthew’s explanations have helped her with areas she was struggling with. Matthew takes his time and has a patient, caring attitude. He is methodical in his teaching methods which worked really well for my daughter. Matthew always asked her what she wanted help with rather than pushing on before she was ready. My daughter is on track for an A at Higher thanks to Matthew and is now taking advanced higher maths as her confidence has grown so much. We cannot thank Matthew enough!!” – Fiona (Higher Maths, Aberdeen)

“My daughter has had four sessions with Matthew and is definitely feeling much more confident in maths. Matthew is punctual, friendly and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending him.” – Kay (Higher Maths, Aberdeen)

“I barely passed my higher maths prelim with 37% and found myself struggling whilst lacking confidence in the subject. Matthew helped build my confidence and did not hesitate to cover something from the very basics to ensure I’d fully understand a topic. He would also share tips on how to remember calculations and the steps! I sat the final exam with confidence and managed to achieve an A! Thank you so much Matthew!” – Mia (Higher Maths, Aberdeen)

“We have had Matt since June 2019 to help my daughter Katie with Nat 5 maths. Unfortunately with the exam diet being cancelled this year we don’t know what Katie’s grade will be. Despite this, Matt has been an excellent tutor. If it was not for him, Katie would have not been able to sit Nat 5 maths pre lim. He is a very kind and patient tutor, explains things in an easy way and gets the best out of a student. I would highly recommend Matt” – Janine (Nat 5 Maths, Aberdeen)

“Matt is a great tutor and he really helped my son to understand topics that he was struggling with in his maths class. I would highly recommend him and will definitely be asking him to help tutor my daughter when she sits her exams.” – Kerry (Nat 5 Maths, Aberdeen)

“Excellent communication with Matthew from the start of the process he was very swift in replying to my request. My son is really appreciating the one to one lessons, he is gaining more confidence in his abilities. Matthew has shown my son a few ways to resolve some of the harder maths problems which will help him in the exam next week. Highly recommend Matthew.” – Gillian (Higher Maths, Aberdeen)

“Fantastic tutor, gave my son so much confidence going into his exam, very friendly and professional.” – Pamela (Nat 5 Maths, Aberdeen)

“Excellent tutor ! Very enthusiastic and helped build Lucy’s confidence with maths . Matthew was very calm and patient and always stayed a bit longer to finish a question . I would definitely recommend Matthew .” – Katriona (Nat 5 Maths, Edinburgh)

“Matt was a great help to our son who was struggling the maths after his Higher prelim. He was reliable and conscientious, he explained things in an understandable way and helped our son to feel confident to sit his maths Higher. We have no hesitation in recommending him to others.” – Les (Higher Maths, Aberdeen)

“Matthew is an excellent tutor, he is very punctual and well mannered.” – Ghazala (Higher Maths, Aberdeen)

A very thorough tutor. Helped me out with certain maths relevant to modules I’m studying at the open uni online. I will be in touch again shortly when I need some more help!” – Sean (College Maths, Aberdeen)

“Matthew is a reliable tutor. Has been helping my son with higher maths. I would recommend without hesitation. Thanks” – Carl (Higher Maths, Aberdeen)

“Paul has more confidence in just a few lessons and finds the way you explain problems better and easier to understand, and also finds you very helpful and understanding.” – Paul’s Mum (Higher Maths, Aberdeen)

“Matthew has been a fantastic help to my son and daughter with their higher maths studies. He has made a great difference to both their understanding and confidence. He is a very good tutor, has a pleasant, friendly manner and has been very accommodating in organizing sessions.” – Alison (Higher Maths, Aberdeen)

“Matthew has been a maths tutor for my two sons for 3 weeks now and everything is going well. The boys get on well with him, he is easy to talk to and the boys say his tuition is very helpful. I would recommend Matthew.” – Donna (Higher Maths, Aberdeen)

“Matt is an excellent tutor and has really developed my daughters skills and confidence in the subject. He has a lovely, friendly manner and put her at ease from the start. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” – Dianne (Higher Maths, Aberdeen)

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